Performing a New Client Intake

Objective: Learn how to add a new client intake to Probatum from the Client List.

Add a new client intake to Probatum from the Client List.

When a you enter a new client intake in Probatum, you'll need to provide personal information that identifies the client. This must be done before a case can be entered for the client. Follow the instructions below to find out how to add a new client.

  1. Navigate to the Client List. This can be found on the Home screen (this is the view that displays when you first log into Probatum) by clicking Clients in the side menu.

  2. Once you have navigated to the Client List, Click the "Add New" button in the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  3. When the New Client window opens, you will see a message requesting that you follow the prompts until you are directed to submit the information. Nothing is permanent until clicking the save button at the final screen. Click Start.

  4. Enter the Client’s name and suffix, if applicable. The First Name and Last Name are the only items that are required in order to continue. Aside from these,if you do not have all of the client’s information available to you at the time of intake, you can always add it after the client record has been created.When you are finished, click Next.

  5. Enter all available personal information for the client. You can enter the Birth Date by clicking the calendar icon and selecting the date from the calendar or typing it manually in this format: M/D/YYYY.

    For the
    Client Indicators(US Citizen, Drug Addiction, etc.), select "yes" or "no" from the drop down menu for each indicator.When you are finished, click Next.

  6. Enter all available descriptive information for the client. When adding numbers such as Height and Weight, you can manually enter the number in the field, or use the up or down arrows to select the number.  When you are finished, click Next.

  7. This completes the client intake segment, but the information has not yet been saved. If you wish to change anything before saving, you can click Back until you reach the section you wish to edit. All of the information can be edited even after the client has been created. When you are satisfied, click Save.

  8. You should receive a message that the client intake data was saved. You will be prompted to either exit to the client’s profile, or to create a case for the client. If you select “Exit to Profile”, continue on to the section entitled The Client Screen. If you select “Create Case”, skip ahead to the tutorial entitled Adding a New Case.