Scenario 3: Scheduling and Recording Client Contacts

Scenario: You want to make an appointment for Joseph Hamilton to come in for an office visit tomorrow to discuss his terms of supervision for Case 16CR000X. You'll want to schedule a client contact.

Just after scheduling him for an office visit tomorrow, Joseph calls you on the phone to tell you that he was hired at a new job. You want to record this in Probatum as an actual contact.

A day later, Joseph comes into your office for his scheduled meeting with you. You want to record that he did, in fact, show up for his scheduled meeting, as well as record notes about the meeting.  Instead of creating a new contact record, you’ll update the scheduled contact and complete it.


Download PDF of Scenario 3 to follow along.

Please Note: Since the creation of this video scenario, we have released an update to Probatum 7 that includes some minor changes to the way client contacts are managed. For the most up-to-date instructions on managing contacts, view our documentation here.