Probatum Documentation

READ: View detailed, step-by-step tutorials on how to perform various tasks in Probatum 7.

The Basics: Managing Records 101

Objective: Learn how to add, edit, and delete records in Probatum.

Getting Started: Organization Management

Objective: Learn how to set up default organization-specific information.

The Home Screen

Objective: Learn some of the key components of Probatum's Home Screen.

The Client Screen

Objective: Learn some of the key components of the Client screen.

  • Client ProfileObjective: Learn how to manage a client's personal information including physical description, photos, education, family info, and medical info.
  • Client PhotosObjective: Learn how to upload and manage client photos to better identify clients.
  • Client Contact InfoObjective: Learn how to add phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses for a client.
  • Client LogObjective: Learn how to utilize the client log to add and edit Contacts, Drug Tests, Staff Notes, Arrests, Custody, Conduct, Referrals, Employment, and Court Events.
  • Client Financial AccountsObjective: Learn how to manage a client's financial assessments and payments.
  • Client ActivitiesObjective: Learn how to track assigned and completed activities for a client.
  • Client AssessmentsObjective: Learn how to keep a record of dates and scores for a client's assessments.
  • Client PlanObjective: Learn the benefits of utilizing a client plan and how to create one.
  • Client Documents and AttachmentsObjective: Learn how to upload attachments and create client documents using document templates.
  • Viewing a Client's Cases from the Client ScreenObjective: Access a list of client's cases or add a new case from the Client Profile.
  • Sealing and Unsealing a ClientObjective: Learn how to seal or unseal a client’s records. 
  • Sharing a Client with a Third-PartyObjective: Learn why and how to share a client with a third-party organization.
  • Deleting a ClientObjective: Learn how to delete a client from Probatum.

The Case Screen

Objective: Learn some of the key components of the Case screen.

Generating Reports

Objective: Learn how to generate client and case specific reports, as well as organizational reports.  

Managing Contacts

Objective: Learn how to schedule/record an individual client's contacts from the Client Log, and how to manage pending and overdue contacts from the Home screen.

Adding an Organization to Probatum

Objective: Learn how to add organizations to Probatum to serve as third-party service providers.

Managing User Accounts

Objective: Learn how to add/enable or delete/disable users in Probatum. 

Updating Personal Account Information

Objective: Learn how to update your name, email, or password in Probatum.

Group Entry

Objective: Learn how to add contacts, drug tests, activities, and staff notes in bulk for a group of clients using Group Entry. 

Creating Document Templates

Objective: Learn how to create document templates to standardize your organization’s documents.